Sunday, February 21, 2010

Levi's Imprint Jeans

Okay, before I tell you my experience about these new line of Levi's jeans I'll first give you a little backgrounder on what it is. The Levi's Imprint line is very different from all the other lines of jeans Levi's has. Basically you can personalize the look of your jeans by wearing it as much as possible. Your body movements as well as how the personal items in your pockets rub against the jeans will create unique creases, whiskers and contoured patterns on your jeans.

One of the cool features is that you can also control the how your jeans will fade. After 30-45 days of wearing your jeans, wash your jeans in warm water to accelerate the fading process. When you get the fade you want, put your jeans in cold water to slow down the fading process.

Now, I didn't want to post about my Levi's Imprint jeans as soon as I got it. I wanted to wear it first for a month so I could show you guys the results of my first fade. First off here's some pictures of what it looked like before i wore it.

For a month I wore my Levi's Imprint jeans three times a week, I always had my cellphone and handkerchief in left pocket and my wallet in my right pocket. Let's check out the what happened with the jeans.

The jeans faded a bit and you can see up close that there are some subtle changes. I'll continue to wear my Levi's Imprint jeans and see what happens in the second fade. Check back here to see what happens!

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